Premier League to give Manchester City the trophy this week

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The leading UFABET media hit the news. Premier League officials will take the winning trophy to the Etihad Stadium on Sunday. To give to Pep Guardiola and the people of Manchester City immediately. After the game In the event that they can’t beat Chelsea. This will guarantee the Premier League title this season.

From the extremely different results of the last weekend. Where Man City defeated Everton 3-0, while Arsenal lost 0-3 to Brighton at home, resulting in a gap in points. Divided into 4 points, along with Arsenal having only 2 final kick-offs left.

In this case, if Man City can beat Chelsea on Sunday. The blue sailboat army will be the Premier League champion for 3 years in a row and the 5th time from the last 6 seasons immediately. Without having to pay attention to the last 2 games of their own that remain

Or similarly, if Arsenal lost to Nottingham Forest on Saturday, it would give Manchester City a guaranteed title win without playing at all.

Recently, The Sun revealed that the officials of the Premier League. Will raise representative parades and championship trophies Go prepare to give it to Manchester City. After the game against Chelsea on Sunday, May 21. Because it is the last home game of the sailboat team. If this week has not successfully closed the account to collect the champion will have to lift the championship trophy at Brentford, London instead in the final away game of the season on May 28

However, in the event that Manchester City are out of form until the Championship is held until the final match, the Premier League will bring the original trophy to the Brentford-Manchester City match and bring another replica. at the Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal will end the season with Wolverhampton Wanderers