Foden aims to cut big money on new Manchester City contracts.

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Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden is set to make big cuts in his new contract with the football club. With only a few details left.

         The England international has a contract with the club until 2024. With Manchester City negotiating and improving his current contract at around £65,000-a-week.

         According to The Sun, the salary figure in Foden’s new contract is up to £200,000-a-week over a six-year contract. The number is set to increase by an additional £25,000 each year.UFABET.

         There is also a £150,000 bonus to Foden if he is nominate for the Ballon d’Or and another £300,000 if the prize is win.

         At the same time, there are conditions for another similar amount of money. If the person is nominate for the Player of the Year award and wins the award as well.

 Phil Foden got his start in football for the first time playing for the famous English youth club. Manchester City Club in 2009-2017 for a period of 8 years playing for the team. Then develope the pace of being promote to play at a professional club level with Manchester United. Starting in 2017 and playing more than 13 times on the field as another player who was trained from the youth club of Man City shines bright As a result. It has select into the field as another player who has good form. Help the team quite a lot and had the opportunity to get on the field to see more.