Organize your life to manage stress.

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Stress can be caused by two main factors: external factors such as work, divorce, conflict in relationships, moving house, etc. Internal factors, where some people have the habit of overthinking. likes to worry about little things Or the chemicals in the brain are not balanced, causing easily stressed and sad moods.

In addition to the feeling that indicates stress. When you feel very stressed, it can also cause other symptoms such as headaches and body aches. The intestines work in turmoil. Digestive problems, diarrhea, easy heart palpitations, sweating, fatigue, and not wanting to do anything high blood pressure Weak immune system, heart disease, anger, irritability, crying easily, unable to concentrate, feeling depressed. feeling anxious We can adjust our minds and bodies to reduce stress. By changing the way of thinking and living in some parts to be appropriate. To cause less stress As for what methods there are, let’s see. ยููฟ่าเบท

1. Be mindful and train your mind to focus on what you are doing. Practicing

mindfulness is considered to help us be aware of what we are doing. cause consciousness It allows us to focus on ourselves. When you can practice mindfulness like this It will keep our minds from being distracted. and thinking further than it should be

2. Exercise:

Exercise causes the body to release endorphins, which are happiness hormones. When you’re stressed out by work, school, or family turmoil, step away from that environment and give yourself time to focus on exercise. It will help you have a better mood. feel relaxed Then come back and solve the problem again. will get a better solution

3. Kind words lead to a good life.

If you are a person who likes to speak slanderously or use vulgar words. Try changing to use more polite words. Stop talking slanderously. But say things that are beneficial. And it would be better to create harmony instead. because of those words If spoken well, it can always lead us to a good place. But if we speak maliciously, it often leads us to a situation that is not beneficial to ourselves at all.

4. Just smile and everything that is dark will instantly become brighter.

Believe it or not, in a situation where you are feeling like you are about to turn to the dark side. Just smile from your heart or smile to accept the incident Your heart is ready to move on. While those around you will be more supportive than ever, above all, it will brighten up a situation that is about to turn dull.

5. Arrange your time to be a

Work Life Balance. It may be a buzzword these days, but it’s not easy to do because of the global economic downturn. But arranging time for work and rest is important. We have 8 hours to work at the office. If we use those 8 hours to work, Don’t sit and use Facebook. Not responding to friend group lines Don’t sit and talk about celebrities. We will have up to 8 hours to clear up work each day, giving us time to relax after work. and do your favorite hobbies, so it is important to prioritize and organize your time accordingly