“Circumcision” of the penis is useful and not as scary as you think.

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When it comes to circumcision, many men may turn their heads. for fear of hurting or there is a misunderstanding that Circumcision shortens the penis. or some people may not even know that What is circumcision but in medicine Circumcision has so many benefits that you will be shocked to know. 

What is circumcision

Circumcision is the inheritance of a belief that has been with humanity for a long time. Each locality has different beliefs about this ritual. The ancient Egyptians believed that circumcision is that the child has fully transformed into a masculine gender In Islam, it is believed that Circumcision promotes cleanliness. and purity but in medical practice it was found Circumcision will help maintain good sexual health because the foreskin area of ​​the penis is a collection of many germs. Therefore, circumcision is encouraged. for the benefit of your own man  สมัคร ufabet

Why should I be circumcised?

In addition to the matter of culture and tradition. 

  • Easy to maintain hygiene The circumference makes it easy to clean. And maintain the hygiene of the genitals, so those who are not circumcised may need to pay special attention to cleaning work. 
  • Decreased risk of urinary tract infection Urinary tract infections are common. But circumcision will reduce the chances of having it happen. due to reducing the accumulation of germs around the foreskin of the penis 
  • Reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections. including HIV infection (HIV)
  • Prevent penis problems This can prevent foreskin problems or glans inflammation.
  • Reduce the risk of penis cancer Although penile cancer is a very rare disease But it will be even less for those who have been circumcised. because it can reduce the incidence of such diseases 

circumcision procedure

Circumcision in the newborn Usually done from the hospital When the baby is 1 day to 10 days after birth, the doctor will explain the benefits and risks of circumcision. then stop eating or refrain from drinking water before circumcision

  • The first step,  circumcision, is that the doctor who performs the circumcision puts the child to sleep and bandages the limbs. Your doctor will clean your genitals and the surrounding area. An anesthetic is then injected at the base of the penis. or may be used as a paste 
  • The second step,  then the foreskin is straightened with special clamps. then remove the foreskin 
  • final step After that, the doctor will apply a cream to the genitals, such as Petroleum Jelly, and then wrap it with a bandage.

for older children and adults is similar to that of infants. but using local anesthesia or may need anesthesia In infants, only a gel-type anesthetic is usually used. or local anesthesia for children And often stitches will be needed to stop the bleeding.

after circumcision 

After circumcision has been completed You may feel pain or discomfort. But your penis will recover within 7 to 10 days. During this time, your penis may experience pain, swelling, redness, or yellow discharge. but in the meantime You can clean your genitals as normal. For children who have just been circumcised The bandage should be changed every time you change your diaper. with petroleum jelly applied to the tip of the penis so as not to stick to the diaper The advice is to change diapers frequently. and wear loose Wait for the wound to heal So clean it normally. 

Possible risks or complications 

Many men are probably concerned with circumcision. Will there be any effects or side effects? for complications The most common cause of circumcision is bleeding and infection and may include side effects that may be caused by the use of anesthesia It can occur in some cases. In addition, there are some that may cause problems with the foreskin:

  • The foreskin may be circumcised too short. or too long
  • The foreskin may not heal as well as it should.
  • The foreskin may reattach. This may require surgical repair.

But every step of surgery has risks. But problems with circumcision are rarely found. Most of the main problems will occur in the short term, namely

  • Bleeding or seeping from surgery
  • have an infection from circumcision or channel of the urethra
  • Irritation of the tip of the penis from contact with urine

As for the problems that can occur in the long run are: 

  • narrowing of the urethra 
  • a scar on the penis from infection and surgical mistakes

Although circumcision is very useful in reducing the risk of various sexual diseases. That should always maintain the health of the genitals Because this is the key to good sexual health. Whether you are circumcise or not circumcise