8 unusual symptoms caused by “stress”

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Today, people in society live under pressure from their living conditions. Many people are stressed to the point of having to try to find solutions for themselves in different ways, whether it be playing sports or joining a group of friends to socialize. Find a hobby to do to traveling But there are still many people who don’t know that they are stressed. Before you know it, stress is affecting your body.

Why does affect the body? The answer is when your body has to contend with heavy responsibilities. Or there is a story in life that has changed. Your heart will beat faster. The hormone cortisol is released more in response to stress. Cortisol increases blood sugar levels. stimulate blood pumping Makes blood and nutrients flow to the brain better. Our brain and body are therefore in a state of alertness. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

This doesn’t make your health worse if you can ease your feelings of stress and deal with problems with confidence. But if you can’t do it, stress. And the body’s response in the above will affect health. and become symptoms that will appear in your body immediately Let’s see what there will be.

  1. severe headache or frequent headaches Because of stress that has accumulated over a long period of time
  2. Increases the chance of you having a mental breakdown. and spread to symptoms of depression
  3. Symptoms of acid reflux, increased stomach acid Most of these symptoms come from stress.
  4. Can’t sleep because stress makes you think too much and it’s hard to fall asleep.
  5. The body’s immune system is weak. makes you sick often Have a cold or allergies all year?
  6. The digestive system is not functioning properly. And cause you to have stomach pain, heartburn all the time because of the hidden stress.
  7. Having problems with sexual health or decreased sexual performance
  8. Have muscle aches for no apparent reason due to muscle tension


If you encounter stress and it affects your body as above. You should find a way to fix it. Or consult an expert to relieve your own stress. otherwise If it affects your health in the long term The symptoms may not be minor and may cause illnesses that you would not expect as well.