8 great ways to “quit drinking” permanently

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8 ways to quit drinking permanently. The Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health Promotion Foundation)  has come to share with you. What methods are available? Let’s see. ทางเข้า ufabet

1. Must be truly determined.

The first element is the most important. It is the intention to quit. It consists of having to consider the dangers and toxicity of alcohol first. Most people tend to think that once they get drunk they will get better. Learning about the short-term and long-term effects of alcohol It will help us quit drinking more easily. Whether or not you can quit alcohol is a question. It depends on our intention most importantly. Because it is more important than any medicine. Moreover, quitting alcohol is already very difficult. But being careful not to become addicted again is even more important than when you quit.

2. Set a goal for whom you will break up with.

goal setting That I want to quit drinking for someone It is also something that allows one to quit drinking. For example, wanting to quit drinking to make your parents proud. That we are not frivolous people Or want to quit drinking because you don’t want your child to be drunk. I want to be a good role model for my children. I want to quit drinking for my husband, for my wife, and for my own good health . Well, here it is considered that the inspiration of each person is different.

3. Change your drinking habits

Change your drinking habits. For example, people who regularly drink alcohol may find it difficult to quit immediately. Try using the following methods. This will cause you to drink less, such as drinking alcohol while eating. Always drink water along with drinking alcohol. Change the size of the glass from a large glass to a small glass. Drink lower-drink beverages instead in the first phase.

4. Set a goal to reduce the amount you drink gradually until you finally stop.

Very important is quitting alcohol for anyone who is seriously addicted. You should consult your doctor. You may need to gradually reduce the dosage. As for alcohol cessation drugs and alcohol narcotics, they are widely available at pharmacies. It will help us not have severe symptoms. During the first break up You can ask for advice from the hospital. Public health service centers across the country or call 1165, the hotline to stop drinking, including 1413, a center for counseling about alcohol problems.

5. Avoid environmental factors that make it easier for us to drink alcohol.

If you want to quit alcohol completely. We have to change our lifestyle. Keep as far away from alcohol as possible, including the time after work. pay day Special occasions Going to a pub Or restaurants, entertainment venues, invitations from friends who drink a lot. Including various causes that leads to feeling tired, discouraged, sad, or stressed

6. Use your free time to do other activities instead of socializing.

Alcohol is both the leading cause of death in Thailand and in terms of causing accidents. or is the cause of many types of diseases whether liver cirrhosis or blood vessel disease This is because alcohol is considered a substance that causes negative effects on the body. Can damage the nervous system Drinking alcohol can cause the drinker to suffer from memory loss. The memory, thinking, and decision-making of those who drink alcohol are worse than those of normal people. Moreover, alcohol does not have any benefit. to our body in the long term and drinking that occurs more than necessary It will cause only negative effects to our body. Therefore, you must turn to taking care of your health in other areas, such as exercising, playing sports, making merit, and eating nutritious foods. It will make it easier to quit drinking.

7. Practice saying no firmly.

The reason why many people tend to fall into alcohol addiction It comes from the value that Alcohol is a social tool. And the idea that just a little bit won’t stick. But in the end, he became an alcoholic without realizing it. The reason why quitting alcohol is difficult The main reason is that it is easy to find and drink. And it’s not against the law, and at every Thai party there’s always alcohol involved. Therefore, the most important thing is You must learn to refuse. So you can quit alcohol permanently. For example, if a friend invites you to drink alcohol. Tell the doctor not to drink. I made a promise to my child. Busy, must rush to run errands, etc.

8. Find emotional support. Including finding encouragement from those around you.

Finding emotional support from those close to you Especially family members such as parents, lovers, children, close friends, or people who can give us good advice are also important. receiving encouragement Being warned by those we love and appreciate our efforts. will make us feel that We can be happy without relying on alcohol. And it’s more valuable when you’re not drunk.