7 Less Sugar Fruits can eat diabetes Helps to lose weight

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One thing that is important to make life more difficult for patients with diabetes . It’s all about food. Because you have to be especially careful. That bastard didn’t. This thing is not good. “Sugar” Damn it. Even the fruit can’t eat many things. What fruit is low in sugar? can’t eat fat Diabetic patients can eat. Let’s see. 

Which fruit is less sugar? can’t eat fat Diabetic patients can eat

is the first choice. of those who want to control their weight because in addition to less sugar also have high fiber Help with the digestive system and contains vitamin C Prevent colds as well Have you ever heard of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Eat an apple a day. We don’t have to go to the doctor. 

rose appleRose apples contain dietary fibers. both water soluble and insoluble in water Help with the digestive system reduce cholesterol Reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, colon cancer and prevent heart disease as well.
rose apple

foreignerGuava is known to be very high in vitamin C. prevent colds secrecy Help reduce fat in blood vessels. prevent high blood pressure contains antioxidants that helps the skin shine brightly and help strengthen the body’s immunity

dragon fruitDragon fruit helps nourish the skin to be smooth and clear, reducing the chances of acne. thirst quencher Boost the body’s immunity lowering blood sugar levels And high in dietary fiber, easy to excrete 
dragon fruit

papayaPapaya is high in antioxidants. Helps to make the body strong, healthy , nourishing the skin to be bright. Reduce wrinkles. Helps nourish the nerves and brain a mild laxative relieve constipation and helps the stomach to digest food more easily

pineapplePineapple helps relieve constipation. Reduce phlegm in the throat, treat gallstones, nephritis, high blood pressure, bronchitis, reduce inflammation of the skin. and pineapple core Diuretic as well. 

berry fruitIn addition to guava berries such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries, there are also Thai berries such as Luk Wah, Makhampom, Yom, Tong Teng Guang, Takhop, etc., which berries often contain fiber. high diet Helps with excretion, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C that helps nourish eyesight and teeth, cure beriberi, helps reduce fat and cholesterol. lowering blood sugar And low sugar, low energy, suitable for people who want to control their weight. 
berry fruit

This time, I can choose to eat these fruits to the fullest. You don’t have to be afraid of being fat. But everything has to be moderate and varied. Try to eat every day. a little bit each day Change the fruit to eat every day, not the same. In addition to obtaining a greater variety of nutrients It’s also not monotonous.